October Update
Date: 10/01/2016

As summer fades into fall we can reflect on the many blessings that God has gifted to His children. We see how plans that were prayerfully made came to fruition. God blessed our Summer Services and meetings, and our camp season went well. Congregations have experienced growth, and God is blessing them with new church buildings. This time of year many congregations will be hosting fall services, with opportunity to gather around God’s Word and also discuss plans for future work.

Fall is a busy time at the LLC office with staff members, the LLC Board, and committees meeting to finalize plans for 2016, and also preparing plans for 2017. Most of all, we reflect on the greatest blessing that God has kept each of us as His own and given us strength to believe. 

Updates on Other LLC Activities

• Camp boards met September 10 to discuss how camps went this year and to make plans for 2017. The common theme from all areas was how well the 2016 camp season has gone. This reflects the heart of faith of the students and also reflects the teaching that has been done in the homes. May God continue to bless this important work. At the meeting, camp board members recognized Steve Kallinen for his more than twenty years of service as SLC director, wishing him God’s blessings in retirement, and also welcoming Neil Waaraniemi in his new duties as he takes over this position.

• With around 220 students planning to attend confirmation schools in 2017, plans are being made for a sixth confirmation school. Students may be interested in attending the first such camp to held in Saskatchewan. Please see the accompanying writing in this Voice of Zion issue for additional information.  

• On September 19, a 2017 LLC Summer Services “kickoff” planning meeting was held in Cokato. This gives planning committee members from both the LLC and hosting congregations an opportunity to support each other in the work. With the increase of services guests from year to year, finding a suitable service site is challenging. Due to this, plans are being made for an outdoor event, to be held at the Wright County fairgrounds in Howard Lake. This will require additional work for the hosting congregations, yet we trust that God will bless the endeavor.

• The Opisto scholarship committee met to fill 14 scholarships for the 2017–18 year. Notices have now gone out to chosen candidates. It continues to be a challenging process as interest continues to build. This year there were 24 applicants for 14 scholarships. 

• The Elk River congregation is making great progress with their building project. Progress can be followed at http://llcerbuildingproject.blogspot.com. 

• The Monticello congregation signed papers on August 24 to purchase nearly 100 acres of property near Monticello that was once part of the Silver Springs golf course. Plans are being considered to remodel existing buildings for congregation use. We wish them God’s blessings in the days ahead. The LLC Personnel-Facilities committee has met to discuss possible LLC use of a portion of this property that the Monticello congregation would like to sell. 

• LLC Publications Week, October 23–30, will highlight new items and developments. A presentation on the Songs and Hymns of Zion Chorale Book; Fortifying the Foundation, the third in the editorial book series; and A Golden Vessel—a collection of North American believers’ poetry—will all be discussed in greater depth. Additionally, we will hear about brand new releases, including one new music CD—and the Illustrated Home Bible that will come out later this fall. 

• On October 14–16, a Ministers and Wives camp will be held at Kamp Kipa. In recent years the camp has rotated by area to allow as many as possible to attend. It is an opportunity for our ministers and wives to be refreshed in the work of God’s kingdom. It has also been encouraging to see how congregations have supported their local speakers to attend.

• The annual ministers teleconference, originating from the LLC office, will be held November 3. This gives opportunity for ministers to gather and discuss matters central to the work and serves as a tool to maintain unity and love of the Spirit.  

We ask for your continued prayers, and may God continue to guide and bless His work.

Eric Jurmu

October 2016 Voice of Zion


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