September Update
Date: 09/01/2016

September brings with it cooler weather and the first day of fall. It also marks the beginning of the school year and the end of a busy camp season. My heart joins with the words of the songwriter in prayer for our children: “Father dear, to You we pray as our children leave today and return to school and study. You have given them this duty; be with them and bless them! (SHZ 447:1). 

The coming of fall also causes one to reflect on the busy summer of camps and the teaching that God has allowed. I’m especially mindful of the confirmation students, as they’ve returned home from their respective camps. May God bless the teaching and instruction received there; it’s an important time in a young one’s faith life.

Updates on Other LLC Activities

• As the end of another successful camp season approaches, the camp boards hold their yearly meeting on September 10 to discuss how camps went this year and make plans for 2017. The SLC Board will especially remember Steve Kallinen in his retirement after serving over 20 years as SLC Director. 

• Sixteen North American opisto students have left for their school year in Finland. It requires a lot of coordination from our Christian Education staff to support the program. We realize many blessings from the program, for the students and also the North American Zion. Scholarship committee meetings are being held now to consider applicants for the 2017–18 year. It is a challenging process as there are 24 applications for only 14 scholarships.

• A Bible Course will be held at HLC September 23–25. This camp is intended for all who have an interest in studying the Bible. This year the focus will be on the Apostle Paul’s pastoral letters to Timothy and Titus. How do the teachings of old apply to congregation life today?

• A Bible class teachers’ teleconference will originate from the LLC office September 29.
This workshop is intended for teachers in all areas of work.

• In continuing support for teachers, a video has been produced and will be sent to LLC congregations to aid Sunday school teachers with lesson planning. Look for it in your local congregation by mid-September.

• On October 14–16, an LLC Ministers and Wives camp will be held at Kamp Kipa. In recent years the camp has rotated by area to allow as many as possible to attend. It is an opportunity for our ministers and wives to be refreshed in the work of God’s kingdom. It has also been encouraging to see how local congregations have supported efforts for those called to serve, to attend.

• Pastor and retired Army Chaplain Valde Palola and his wife Marja-Liisa, of Helsinki, will arrive September 25 on a month-long mission tour on the SRK-LLC speaker exchange. They will also be able to attend the ministers and wives camp at Kamp Kipa. We wish God’s blessings for their trip. 

Eric Jurmu

September 2016 Voice of Zion

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