June/July Update
Date: 06/07/2016

June and July are busy months with graduations, family trips, and a host of activities at our LLC camp centers. I want to congratulate all of the 2016 high school and college graduates—you have reached a milestone in life! June also marks Father’s Day. Dear fathers, may God richly bless you for the love and care that you provide for your families.

May God also abundantly bless those of you who will attend confirmation schools this summer. And, may you all, including the many families in our readership, take time to spend some days this summer enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

Updates on Several LLC Activities

• Pentti and Katri Rentola, of Alajärvi, Finland, will begin their month-long tour of LLC congregations at the 2016 Toronto Summer Services. Joining them will be Timo and Tuula Lehtola, of Djurås, Sweden. Timo will serve on a shorter trip of two weeks. Their respective schedules have been sent to local congregations. We wish them God’s grace blessings on their respective trips.

• LLC Christian Education Coordinator, Rod Nikula, has returned from his mission trip to Finland and Sweden. In addition to serving in many SRK congregations and at SFC Summer Services, he was able to meet with many of his counterparts in the mutual work of the LLC-SRK-SFC.

• Much of the LLC camp operations are supported by volunteers. Recent requests for help have come from our camp caretakers for those interested in gardening, mowing lawns, general maintenance, and so on. If you are willing and able to help, please let the caretakers know. 

• A Spanish component will be added to the Youth Language Camp at SLC, June 14–16. This may especially interest those who are studying Spanish in school. 

• 2016 LLC Summer Services and meetings will be held July 1–4 in Essa, Ontario. Planning for this event requires hours of labor, shared between the LLC staff and hosting congregations. Final details are being worked out with hopes that many services guests are making plans to attend. The rented facility is an agriculture complex. Once on site you will see the challenges that planning committees faced in outfitting the site for our use. A few notes about services: 

A Summer Services brochure with the service schedule and essential service site information is available to download from the LLC website (llchurch.org).

Facebook users can find service information at “2016 LLC Summer Services.” 

Sermons will be broadcast on the LLC website.

The LLC Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, July 2, at the Toronto Laestadian Lutheran Church. Congregation delegates come prepared for the meeting after reviewing the 2017 draft operating plan with their respective congregations. 

“The Office of the Holy Spirit” has been chosen as the topic for discussion at the Saturday Ministers and Board Members meeting. It will also serve as the topic for the youth presentation Sunday evening. 

Over 40 RVs have reserved space at the service site. There is also room to reserve spots for tents by contacting the lodging committee.

A number of LLC publications are being released at the services. Please see the ad in this month’s Voice of Zion for a list of near-term releases. Welcome to the Summer Services bookstore!

I wish each of you a blessed summer!

Eric Jurmu

June/July 2016 Voice of Zion

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