May Update
Date: 05/01/2016

May brings excitement as another camp season is here and plans are made for young and old to attend. The theme chosen for this year’s camp work, “For the people had a mind to work” (Neh. 4:6), reminds us of the many efforts and sacrifices God’s children make and offer in support of our camps. May God richly bless this year of camp fellowship, teaching, and instruction.

May also marks Mother’s Day, and the beginning of graduations. Dear mothers, may God richly bless you for the care that you unselfishly provide for your families. Dear graduates, a new chapter in life begins. Congratulations and God’s abundant blessings! 

Updates on Several LLC Activities

• The notice and agenda for the 2016 LLC Annual Meeting, to be held July 2 near Toronto, Ont., has been sent to all LLC member congregations. Included in the packet is the 2017 LLC Operating Plan, titled, “The Fear of the Lord Grants Security.” The Operating Plan is presented in pamphlet form similar to last year and also as an electronic PDF file. We encourage congregations to make this document available to all members as they meet to prepare delegates for the annual meeting.

• Recently hired LLC Christian Education Coordinator, Rod Nikula, is in Finland April 14–May 9 on a previously scheduled three-week mission trip. As part of his trip he is also meeting at the SRK offices with close counterparts in the work. Not only is it a mutual learning opportunity, meetings like this help to strengthen the bonds between our sister organizations. Additionally, Nikula will now chair the LLC Home and Family committee as part of his new responsibilities. His plans are to be in touch with local congregation contacts to support the work in LLC congregations. 

• Long-time SLC director Steve Kallinen will retire effective May 31. He was appointed director in July 1995. The LLC Board at its April 8 meeting approved Neil Waaraniemi as new SLC director. Waaraniemi will begin his new duties May 1 allowing some transition time as the busy camp season is beginning. We thank Kallinen for his years of service and wish Waaraniemi God’s blessings with his new responsibilities.

• SLC Development Committee continues work on future plans for Stony Lake Camp. It is evident from years of use and continued growth that upgrades and additional space are needed. As work proceeds, the committee is preparing a revised plan to present for review to the LLC Board in July. Congregations in the SLC support area have recognized the increased needs at SLC and have increased camp dues to reflect this support for future development. 

• Eighty-eight ministers from LLC congregations gathered at SLC for Ministers Camp, April 15–17. It gave opportunity to discuss topics centered on concerns of our day. God helped those discussions. While the enemy of souls would like to cause confusion and break love between servants of the Word, free and open discussion took place, and the meeting concluded in an atmosphere of mutual love and the unity of God’s Spirit. 

• The 2016 LLC Summer Services in Essa, Ont. are right around the corner. Schedules are being finalized and information is being compiled for the information booklet which will be available soon on the LLC website. Make sure of your travel plans, see that your passport is current for travel, consider lodging arrangements, and so on. The believers in the eastern area, espe­­cially the Toronto congregation, welcome you to the services.

• Final proofing is nearly complete with the Songs and Hymns of Zion Chorale Book project, with plans of sending it to the printer in early May, with release at 2016 Summer Services in Toronto. A number of other publications are nearing completion and will be released soon.

Songs and Hymns of Zion Chorale Book (Summer Services release)

God loves you: a children’s book of Holy Scripture (near-term release)

A Golden Vessel (poetry book by North American believers, Summer Services release)

Fortifying the Foundation—Keeping a Christian Household (3rd book in editorial series; Summer Services release)

2016 LLC Telephone and Address Directory (Summer Services release)

Eric Jurmu

May 2016 Voice of Zion



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