April Update
Date: 04/01/2016

“Risen is our Sun in vict’ry shining on the mount today! Beams of warmth from Him are streaming, sorrows, griefs are cast away! Gather now, O birds of heaven, soar through pure, refreshing air. Chirp and twitter, larks and sparrows on vine branches fresh and fair” (SHZ 119:1). Another Easter is behind us, yet the message of Easter offers hope for the tired traveler. Through Christ’s redemption work, the child of God will make it to heaven. Our hearts join with the songwriter: “As the heav’nly angels do, we can be rejoicing. We can run to tell the news: “Our Jesus now is living!” (SHZ 111:4). 

Updates on Several LLC Activities

• An estimated 2,000 services guests attended LLC Winter Services that began February 24 in Prescott Valley and continued through the weekend in Phoenix. The services motto, “Seek the Lord and his strength” (1 Chr. 16:11), resonated through the many sermons over the course of the weekend. We thank the believers in the Southwest for again hosting the services. May God richly repay your “work and labor of love.” Read coverage of these services in this issue of the Voice of Zion.

• The LLC Board of Directors held its winter meeting on February 26. At that time, the Board approved hiring Rod Nikula as Christian Educator Coordinator. The Board’s decision came after hearing the recommendation of the Personnel Committee, who had met previously to consider applicants that had shown interest in the new position. The newly established position will focus primarily on teacher support and training, Home and Family and diaconal work, and coordinating efforts in music production. We wish Nikula God’s abundant blessings as he begins his work on April 1 at the LLC office in Loretto, Minn. 

• Board members from congregations in the Western Region were able to attend the annually scheduled area-wide meeting held this year on March 12 in Seattle. Each LLC area holds similar meetings on an annual basis where they prepare plans for regional activities as well as make decisions that will be brought to the LLC Annual Meeting for discussion and approval. In addition to an LLC update, those gathered were able to hear a presentation that was first kept at 2015 Summer Services in Outlook, Sask., “Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness” (Rom. 6:18). These meetings help maintain lines of communication and give possibility to foster unity among workers in God’s kingdom.

• LLC Ministers Camp is scheduled to be held at Stony Lake Camp, April 15–17. It gives opportunity for the ministers to meet and discuss joys and concerns of our day and to be refreshed in the mutual work to which they’ve been called. In previous years it has been heart-warming to see the support that congregations have offered in sending their ministers to camp. We pray that God would bless this opportunity, and most of all that He would keep our ministers in mutual love and unity of Spirit.

• A joint meeting of the Finance and Personnel/Facilities Committees was held on February 25 in Phoenix. Discussions centered on long term planning regarding personnel and facilities. The committees were able hear a report from the SLC Development and Southern Minnesota Facilities committees in regards to necessary improvements at SLC. Look for information about renovation plans at SLC in
the near future.  

• The LLC Annual Meeting notice, agenda, and delegate packet for the July 2 meeting in Toronto, will be sent to congregations in mid-April. In addition, the 2017 LLC Draft Operating Plan will be sent to the congre­­gations for review. The Plan’s 2017 theme is, “The Fear of the Lord Grants Security.” The theme comes from the book of Proverbs, “In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge” (Prov. 14:26). 

• Final proofing and editing continues with the Chorale Book project. The plan is for a three-volume book with over 800 arrangements. The Publications department is making plans to release the long-awaited book at 2016 LLC Summer Services in Toronto.

Eric Jurmu

April 2016 Voice of Zion




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