January Update
Date: 01/01/2016

Happy New Year! 

Yet another year has ended of the time allotted me. For thy gifts of mercy, Father, I will thank Thee joyfully, for Thy love that guides my way, for Thy goodness ev’ry day. Thou hast shed on me Thy blessing through this year which now is passing.—SHZ 56:1

As a new year begins, we often look back and remember events of the past year. We also look forward to plans for the coming year. As we reflect on this past year, 2015, one thing that is very heartwarming is the believers’ support and generosity in LLC’s many work forms. Without this support, the work would be in vain. Looking forward, we wonder what plans God has in store for us. On the horizon we see additional needs at our camp centers and the possibility of adding more facilities to support in the area of camp work. Local congregations continue to grow and so do the requests for additional support from the office. With these requests we prayerfully ask for God’s continued guidance and blessing. 

Updates on Several LLC Activities

• Staff recently recognized Ruth Roiko’s 30-year anniversary of working at LLC with cake, flowers, and a gift. She began working as layout artist with the LLC on July 1, 1985. Ruth’s work is evident in all areas of LLC publications. We wish her God’s continued blessings. 

• Delegates at the 2015 LLC Annual Meeting in Outlook, Sask. approved a $2.00/member/month increase, effective January 1, 2016. Thank you for supporting your local congregations and also the work of the LLC.

• The approved 2016 LLC Operating Plan proposed the hiring of one additional full-time salaried employee to assist in the expanding workload and to prepare for retirements. At its October 24, 2015 meeting, the LLC Board of Directors approved hiring for the position of Christian Education Coor­dinator. Contact Eric Jurmu (ejurmu@llchurch.org) or Elizabeth Juntunen (ejuntunen@llchurch.org) with questions. If interested, please submit a resume and job application by Jan 15, 2016 to Eric or Elizabeth. The tentative start date is April 1, 2016.

• Beginning in 2016 a new LLC camp enrollment program is being implemented. It will allow many of the features that enrollees have requested over the years, such as keeping and storing health information that needs to be updated from year to year. The program will also aid camp directors with camp rosters, reports, etc. The initial set up for the enrollment program is complete. Adrian Pirness and Kathy Laho from the office will work with congregation contacts to help with questions that may arise from congregation members when the new program goes live in time for February enrollment. 

• An action item from the MBMAC (Meeting of Boards of Midwestern Area Congregations) meeting held at the Rockford church on Saturday, December 5 was the formation of a Minnesota Facilities Committee (MFC). A committee including LLC staff and Board members, SLC Development Committee members, and Summer Service Siting Committee members, will meet to consider facility needs for Minnesota believers (other than their own church buildings). The formation of this committee resulted from area wide discussions around future SLC development, the possibilities of a permanent Minnesota Summer Services site, and how it might impact LLC operations. We pray that God will give direction to the committee’s work.

• LLC’s Technology Committee has met a few times and is working on compiling a list of LLC’s immediate and long-term needs. In February, the committee plans to hold a teleconference with other volunteers in Zion who would provide input on ideas for the use of technology in God’s kingdom. One identified area of work is the LLC website and redesign. Please forward any thoughts or ideas that you may have in this regard to Adrian Pirness (apirness@llchurch.org) at the LLC office. 

God has given us a time of work, and He has also blessed us with the gifts, both temporal and spiritual, that are needed. May God bless our new year as only He can.

Eric Jurmu

January 2016 Voice of Zion



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