November Update
Date: 11/01/2015

November brings with it a hint of winter and nearing the end of another calendar year. It also marks the end of the church year and the beginning of Advent, with plans being made for the holidays right around the corner. Fall also reminds of the life of man, how we are like the grass that grows but in time withers away. As we make plans for the holidays, and also for 2016, may it be that we remember the many blessings of our Heavenly Father and the hope of heaven that waits at the end of our journey.

Updates on Several LLC Activities:

• Minnesota congregation boards and ministers, along with the SLC Camp board, held a special meeting October 6, in Brainerd. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss future expansion at Stony Lake Camp, and also the possibility of a multi-purpose facility in southern Minnesota. The outcome of the meeting was that the SLC Development Committee would develop an intermediate plan, or a phased plan, for congregations to review. And also, that a separate, multi-purpose facility study committee be formed to explore needs and possibilities in southern Minnesota. 

• The 2015 camp season is winding down; yet, there were some notable events that took place at the end of a busy year of camps. More than 60 ladies attended Women’s Camp at SLC, October 2–4, where women of all ages and backgrounds and from many walks of life were able to be refreshed and uplifted in faith. To read more about SLC Women’s Camp, see page 1.

• Over 50 fathers attended Father’s Camp at Kamp Kipa, September 25–27. It had been around 30 years since the last father’s camp was held in Arizona. Through the many presentations and discussions, the fathers present felt the unity and love of the Holy Spirit. At the conclusion of the camp, the overwhelming request was to have another such camp next year. For more on Kamp Kipa Father’s Camp, see page 1.

• Nearly 60 couples from many locations attended the Ministers and Wives Camp at SLC, October 16–18. Topics of discussion included, “God Is Lord over Life and Death,” “Joys and Concerns of Our Day,” and “Serving the Lord with Gladness, a Mutual Calling.” The discussions were uplifting and united.  

• Staff at the LLC office enjoyed a visit on October 23 with Finnish minister Ahti Riihimäki and his wife Kirsti who are serving on the SRK fall speaking tour of the LLC congregations. 

• On October 23, the LLC Personnel Committee met to discuss short and long-term personnel needs. As the work of the LLC increases, we find a need for additional staffing to support the work. May God bless these discussions as we plan for future needs.  

• The LLC Board of Directors met October 24 and took several actions, some of which include:

o Approved 2016 LLC staff wage and benefit package

o Approved the 2016 Operating Plan and budget with $1.00/month/member increase in dues. The dues increase allows for an additional full-time salaried position to be implemented in 2016. Work will be ongoing to develop a job description for the additional position, with hopes of filling it early in 2016. 

• On November 6, the fall kickoff meeting with the 2016 Summer Services planning committees will take place in Toronto. The Toronto and Eastern Area members are planning to host around 1500 guests for services from July 1–4, 2016. From the Nov. 6 meeting we should see additional information for those planning to attend.

• In recent months, good headway has been made with the chorale book project. We are entering the final phase of the project when final review of song arrangements is taking place, along with final layout and editing. The plan is to have it ready for release
in mid-2016.   

• November 11 is Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canada, a day when we celebrate and remember the service of military veterans. We want to thank all of those who have served our countries in this way. Without your service, the United States and Canada would be much different places to live. Today, we live with freedoms that have been earned by the sacrifice of many men and women over the years.

Thank you so much for your continued support, and we ask that God would continue to bless and direct His work.

Eric Jurmu

November 2015 Voice of Zion

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