September Update
Date: 09/01/2015

September brings with it the first day of fall. Each season brings changes, and this is also true with the work of the LLC. One of the changes is Randy Herrala’s official retirement as executive director on August 31. We wish Randy and his wife Noella God’s blessings in this new phase of life for them. In replacing Randy in this position, I ask for your prayers of support in my new duties.

September also reminds of the new school year ap­­proaching. My heart joins in the songwriter’s prayer for our children: “As they go to meet new friends, guide their hearts, their feet and hands; as they learn the skills of labor that they best might serve their neighbor, give Your truth and wisdom” (SHZ 447:3). 

The coming of fall also causes one to reflect on the busy summer of camps. I’m especially mindful of the confirmation students, as they’ve returned home from their respective camps here and abroad. May God bless the teaching and instruction received there; it’s an important time in a young one’s faith life.

Updates on Other LLC Activities:

• As the end of another camp season approaches, the camp boards hold their yearly meeting on September 12 to discuss how camps went this year and make plans for 2016. 

• Nineteen North American opisto students have left for their year in Finland. It takes a lot of coordination from our Christian Education staff to support the program. We realize many blessings from the program, for the students and North American Zion as well. Scholarship committee meetings are being held now to consider applicants for the 2016–17 year. Interest continues to build, as there are 21 applications for 14 scholarships.

• A second LLC Veterans Camp will be held at SLC September 18–20. Many positive comments were received from the first “vets’ camp” held in 2013. In this way, we want to remember and thank all of those who have served our country. 

• A Bible class teachers’ workshop teleconference will originate from the LLC office on September 24. This workshop is intended for teachers in all areas of work, not just Bible class teachers. At the workshop, a newly finished project of 210 Bible illustrations by Finnish artist Raimo Österberg will be released. 

• A Bible Course for all—ministers, Bible class leaders, Sunday school teachers, Day Circle teachers, elders, parents, couples, singles, and young people—will be held at Stony Lake Camp September 25–27. A few interesting topics have been chosen that I think you will find to be a good source of teaching and encouragement. Topics include: “Abraham’s Faith and Hope”; “Joseph in Egypt”; “Man of Temptations, Daniel”; “Rebellion of Korah,” and “Departure from Egypt to the Promised Land.” 

• Work continues on the development of an LLC Technology Committee that will serve as a steering and oversight committee to guide and support various aspects of LLC’s use of technology. We have found a number of people interested in serving in this way.

• Future camp property discussions are taking place in the Pacific Northwest congregations prior to area wide Fall Services in Seattle September 25–27 (see ad on page 12). Members of the Northwest Camp Search Committee have put together a PowerPoint presentation to help discuss such possibilities. May God guide and bless these discussions.

• The theme, “But now are they many members, yet but one body” (1 Cor. 12:20), has been selected for a first of its kind LLC Women’s Camp to be held at SLC October 2–4. The hope is to include women from all walks of life at this camp setting.

• On October 16–18, a Ministers and Wives camp will be held at SLC. It is an opportunity for our ministers and their wives to gather to discuss the work of God’s kingdom and to be refreshed in faith. We encourage as many as possible to attend this and other such events. 

In all things, we wish to thank God and pray for His continued blessings.

Eric Jurmu

September 2015 Voice of Zion



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