September Update
Date: 09/01/2014

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6). As summer vacations end and schools resume, we are reminded about the importance of education and teaching our children. During the weeks of summer, many of our young have been able to learn through confirmation schools, youth camps, and summer employment—even serving as camp counselors. Now a new school year begins, and many begin or continue their education in primary, secondary, and higher education settings. Member congregations resume Sunday school to teach about Scripture and matters of living faith. The learning that takes place in the time of youth lasts a lifetime. Let us nurture and embrace opportunities for education and be thankful for them, especially to teach our young about God’s Word and living Christianity.

Updates on several LLC activities:

• An educational opportunity for teachers comes the evening of September 25, when a Bible class teachers workshop will be held, originating from the LLC office and joining attendees from other areas by teleconference. In addition to reviewing resource materials, the evening will include a presentation, “Ideas and Approaches to Teaching Bible Class,” by Jim Frantti. Look for additional information sent to your congregations.

• An educational opportunity for “students” of all ages will occur when the next Bible course is held the weekend of September 26–28 at Hasscib Lake Camp. The topic for the weekend course is “The Acts of the Apostles,” directed by John Stewart and Dave Anderson. Enroll now online under “Attend a Camp” on the LLC website.

• Although summer is ending, many camp events are still planned for this season. Such events include those for mothers, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, couples, ministers and wives, and seniors. Youth Days will be held at the International Peace Garden and in several other locations. This year we have a camp for international couples, to be held at Kamp Kipa at the end of September, and a music camp for families, to be held at Hasscib Lake Camp in early October. The LLC Calendar and website contain event details, or contact the office for additional information. 

• A comprehensive review of camp work and a head start on 2015 camp planning takes place on September 6, when the annual Joint Camp Board meeting will be held at the LLC office. With the experience of the 2014 season fresh in mind, the camp boards will review the 2015 schedule, consider staffing needs, and look for opportunities to introduce new camp events suggested by members. 

• Several congregations are also hosting fall services and other special events. The Brainerd Laestadian Lutheran Church observed its 30-year anniversary in its present location on August 24, a time that also marked 30 years of the adjoining Laestadian Manor senior housing facility. The Laestadian Lutheran Church of the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado is preparing for dedication services for their new facility October 17–19. Meanwhile, the Alaska Laestadian Lutheran Church continues to construct their first facility!

• During the weekend of September 6–7, our sister organization in Finland, SRK, will be commemorating the 60-year anniversary of their periodical, Päivämies, while also hosting a publications seminar. LLC Publications Director Paul Waara­niemi will travel to Finland for these events. One focus area of discussion in mutual publications work will be adopting a global view to make translation easier into different languages and for different cultures, especially in support of mission work. A translation of the first in an article series— “Päivämies 60 Years”—published in the Päivämies, appears in this issue of the Voice of Zion.

• LLC’s presence at FinnFest USA 2014 in Minneapolis on August 8–10 was again well received. We thank the volunteers who helped to staff LLC’s booth in the market. It was a place for positive interaction with many who have Laestadian familiarity and connections. One lady visitor commented, “It’s good that you’re here.”

• We invite you to include your personal Christmas greeting in the December issue of the Voice of Zion and/or Päivämies. For more details, see the announcement on page 11.

On June 25, 2014, the Laestadian Lutheran Church of Elk River called Bill Sturos into the office of preaching. We wish God’s blessings to Bill, his wife Lisa, and daughter Laura as Bill begins to serve in the ministry. We thank the Heavenly Father for all of His gracious gifts and marvel that today we have 104 ministers serving among our 31 congregations in North America!

Randy Herrala

September 2014 Voice of Zion

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