June/July Update
Date: 06/01/2014

“Come and see” (John 1:46) is the motto for the upcoming 2014 LLC Summer Services in Rogers, Minn. This was the invitation given by Phillip, who had found Jesus, to his friend Nathanael, who doubted whether Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah. Whether you attend in person or listen via the Internet webcasts, “Come and see.” Welcome to the festive worship services of God’s children, July 3–6!

Updates on several LLC activities:

• The final weeks leading up to LLC Summer Services and meetings are an intense time for the host planning committees and LLC staff. This event, being our largest of the year, requires thoughtful planning and coordination. To name a few items, all committees have recently met to finalize their plans and establish work crews. The Rogers City Council has approved our event permit. The gateway design has been completed, and construction is underway. Finishing touches have been placed on the opening ceremony arrangements. Communion plans have been finalized with servers, preparers, and ushers. The audiovisual staff has been made aware of our needs in sound, video, and song projection. Presentations are being finalized for the Friday congregation evening, “How to approach another person,” by Keith Waaraniemi, and for the Saturday evening youth presentation, “Remember, now thy Creator in the days of thy youth” (Eccl.12:1), by Sam Roiko. 

Meal tickets may be purchased online ahead of time, ready for pickup at the service site, and the Summer Services booklet containing the schedule and general information may now be downloaded from the LLC website under “2014 LLC Summer Services.” Printed booklets may be purchased at the services.

• Another important gathering during the Summer Services weekend is the LLC Annual Meeting to be held at the Rogers Activity Center on Saturday, July 5. Although delegates representing LLC member congregations will make meeting decisions, the meeting is open for all to hear the reports and discussion. In addition to election of LLC Board members whose terms are expiring, a major component of the meeting will be discussion of “God Gives the Increase, 2015 Laestadian Lutheran Church Operating Plan.” This booklet is available in print form and also electronically in member congregations. If you haven’t already done so, it will be helpful to review this document in preparation for the annual meeting.

• New publications to be released at the 2014 LLC Summer Services include: “Stories of the Apostles 1 & 2 (part one Jesus’ Messengers, part two Paul, Jesus’ Messenger); a collection of published editorials and other writings, What Do Believers Say? The Christian in Society, edited by Aaron Wuollet; and the 2014 LLC Telephone and Address Directory. Also watch for information about new eBooks and a Swedish music CD recently released by our sister organization, the SFC, in Sweden. (See Publications ad on page 16.)

• LLC staff is preparing for visits by foreign guests. Retired Jämsä Opisto principal, Timo Tuomisto, accompanied by his wife Raili, will be serving on the SRK summer speaking tour during the month of July. Also arriving just in time for Summer Services will be a group of 40 students from Finland, coming for the annual Language Camp. Olavi and Tuovi Hyry, and Ilari and Kaija Kinnunen will lead this year’s group.

• As the Stony Lake Camp Development Committee continues its work, we have retained land survey and architectural services to provide base mapping and conceptual drawings. This work is in preparation for camp renovation and expansion project proposals. An update will be provided at the LLC Board meeting and Annual Meeting on July 3rd and July 5th respectively. 

• The LLC office is planning to have a tori booth and an exhibit at FinnFest USA 2014, August 8–10, in Minneapolis. The booth will feature LLC and SRK publications in both English and Finnish. The exhibit will display the videotaped lectures presented at FinnFest USA 2013 last June in Upper Michigan.

• A collection of Home and Family articles and presentations has now been added to the LLC website. To access this resource, go to the “Our Faith” tab on the website homepage and select “Home and Family Articles and Presentations.”

• During printing of the May 2014 Voice of Zion, a problem was encountered and text on certain pages was lost as it overran the margin. Unfortunately, the problem was not discovered prior to mailing. Our printer has apologized and given consideration for the error. We, the publications staff, also apologize and thank you for your patience. Please contact the LLC office if you wish to have the complete issue sent to you electronically.

Last month we remembered our mothers on Mother’s Day. We now remember you dear fathers on Father’s Day. Thank you for loving your children and serving your families. We wish you God’s blessings! Happy Father’s Day, dear fathers! 

Help our loving parents, too, in Thy gracious kingdom,
so that they can care for us on the way to heaven (SHZ 422:2).

Randy Herrala

June/July 2014 Voice of Zion

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